Concierge and More

 What is “Concierge and More”?

Mundelein Corporate Apartments has worked with corporate relocation and corporate relocation departments since 1985. There has been much change to corporate relocation practices since 1985. It is a common desire for transferees and their employers to have someone show the transferee the local area. In the past, the client may have had a local host show them the area. Mundelein Corporate Apartments includes this service now on a more streamlined basis, and spends 2-3 hours with each transferee as needed to show them their new apartment and also show them the area.

Our Mission

To help people make the best decisions for their interim housing needs.

Concierge How “Concierge and More” Works

Mundelein Corporate Apartments receives the name of the potential transferee. Background information regarding the transferee is shared with us for the purpose of understanding the transferee’s needs. The client would be contacted and a meeting date set up with them.

Next, if possible, a personal meeting takes place to establish a good working relationship, to further understand their needs, concerns, and goals and to show them the area.

This information would determine which communities and the amount of time needed to provide them with a sufficient level of understanding. For example, we find that our clients want information about the following places:

• Banking • Local Merchants • Hospital(s) • Metra station

• Schools • Library • Supermarkets • Post Office

• Churches • Driver License Bureau • Shopping Centers • ATM’s

Special Needs

In some cases, a special need may arise related to the transferee or their family. For example, one family had two children with learning disabilities which required special education for them. A school was located, the parents met with the school principal and had their concerns and questions addressed. In another instance, the family being relocated had two children that spoke very little English and needed tutors that would come to their home. In both of these special need cases, we were able to fulfill the employee’s and employer’s needs.

Real Estate Referrals

We often find that transferees are given a list of names, or a local real estate company to contact for their permanent housing needs. We have worked with many local realtors in the area, including Coldwell Banker, ReMax, Century 21, Baird & Warner and Koenig & Strey. Some local realtors recommend Mundelein Corporate Apartments for temporary living to their clients and we offer Realtor participation.

Win-Win Relationship

We believe that by including Concierge and More as part of temporary housing, everybody wins. We better understand our client and the transferee gains knowledge about their new community. This value-added relationship will help people because they will make the best decisions for their interim housing needs.